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Ann’s clients share her passion for results and it shows in their success. Companies that outperform the market like to work with us. Learn more by reading our featured client results stories.

Our Business Consultancy & Coaching Clients come from all sectors. What they all have in common is that they recognise they want to be even better than they are now and are ambitious for fast results. They recognise that working with Ann Rodgers,  Business Consultant & Coach will help accelerate their success and increase their bottom-line.

Our business coaching clients are typically Leaders, Entrepreneurs, SME’s, MD’s or Directors themselves, running their own businesses which they wish to groom to take on even greater responsibilities.

All of our clients are already successful in their own right and are interested in growing and improving themselves, their career and the bottom line of their businesses further.


Ann is a force of nature – a straight talker, an incredible motivator

“Ann is a force of nature – a straight talker, an incredible motivator who has achieved great things in her own life and inspires you to do the same.  She gave me the commercial jump-start across key business foundations that I needed and I’m now well on the way to establishing Ava Creative Consulting, which will provide PR, Marketing, Sponsorship and Events services to the cultural and creative sectors.”
Sarah Hughes – Ava Consulting

"Strategic Perspective You Need & Will Deliver An Outstanding Result"

Business Consultancy with delivers Outstanding Results for Keenan Healthcare

A Strategic Perspective You Need & Will Deliver An Outstanding Result

“I value Infinite People’s Ann Rodgers thoughtful input, business expertise and commercial approach. Only recently, hired her business skill and judgement augmented an important piece of work I was preparing in a limited timescale.

If you require assistance or a fresh pair of eyes to look at an existing or new project or business, Ann will provide the strategic perspective you need and deliver an outstanding result. Ann provided extremely helpful advice and common sense business planning and look forward to working with her soon. We would have no hesitation in recommending Ann’s services to others.”

Aideen Duggan
Managing Director at Keenan Healthcare Ltd

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"iDesign Achieves Business Growth, Increase Staff and Increased Turnover"

Will you be my next success story?

I have worked with more than a hundred businesses to improve their marketing and boost their sales and profits substantially. But don’t take my word for it. I pride myself on delivering consistently excellent service, tools and results for clients. I find this is reflected in the positive feedback I receive from clients. Don’t take my word from it –  Terry McClean Owner/Director from iDesign.

We achieved business growth, an increase in staff numbers and a rise in turnover within months of working with Infinite People

”The business coaching, I have received from Ann has been incredibly useful and insightful. Her ability to recognise, understand, and explain complex aspects of my business has helped me look at it from a different perspective.
Ann’s professional and methodological approach has helped gain new levels of confidence in the services that I offer, which in turn has enabled business growth, an increase in staff numbers and a rise in turnover.”

Terry Mc Clean, Owner iDesign

Business Growth Strategist iDesign Achieves Business Growth, Increase Staff and IncreasedTurnover

iDesign Achieve Business Growth, Increase Staff and IncreasedTurnover

"Business Coaching – Award Winning Creative Company Increases Revenues 300% within 12 Months"

Increase Your Profitability by reducing costs, increase profits in existing services and identify new revenue streams

Award Winning Creative Company Increases Revenues 300% within 12 Months

Sector: Creative, Web & Digital Agency
Location: Northern Ireland
Service: Commercial Leadership Programme
Challenge: Reduce costs, Increase profits in existing services and identify new revenue streams

Business Overview

One of the largest design companies in Northern Ireland had the same trials and tribulations as many growing businesses in the Creative Industry. In short, the owner was working long hours, was stressed and in effect was just working to cover his staff salaries. He was neglecting himself and his family by working ‘in’ the business and not on ‘leading’ the business. They were uncertain what was the best direction for the business to follow – but it all became much clearer after our first few meetings.

Business Challenge

I initially spent time helping the owner develop a vision, strategy and an action plan so he could really focus on business growth and the results more. And importantly, communicated clearly to all his team to increase motivation and build momentum.

They then worked on how the firm manages clients, so they get more value and improving processes so client service could be enhanced. Over the coaching we also;

  • Established measurable goals for their businesses.
  • Set in place strategies to achieve these goals and realistic deadlines
  • Identified their roadblocks to success.
  • Dissected their market and defined their services clearly
  • They re-organised their business and changed the way they worked.
  • They started measuring the results across existing and new clients

Business Solution

What they’ve achieved after just 12 months is incredible, their growth rate has accelerated, they are picking up higher profile clients and most importantly the team are all enjoying the challenge. They also;

  • Discovered hidden assets in their products, services and their market position
  • Reviewed pricing models and increased prices across all products
  • Upsold and cross-sold to their existing client base
  • Developed clear KPIs for all the team
  • Re-wrote their sales process and create new sales templates
  • Created and designed a client proposal with clear T&Cs and payment terms
  • Created an innovative innovative marketing plan to approach new higher fee paying clients
  • Developed clear case studies to illustrate their expertise to win business
  • They felt in control of their businesses and they found they had more time to work ON their business.
  • Applied and successfully won three leading design and business awards
  • Secured Invest NI’s GAP Funding and Job Fund to assist them grow the business.

…and this is what allowed them to make more money by working less, and with less stress! There is nothing magical about what these owners did, but there is a formula, a system, that they followed, that you can follow to reduce costs, increase profits in existing services and identify new revenue streams

Business Growth Achieved – A 300% Increase in Profits

The numbers say it all, they have seen a 300% increase in profits and they project more increases for 2016 – the owner and the entire team are feeling very positive about the future. As a consultant himself, he really appreciates expert advice and idea sharing is the key to business growth.

Do you fully understand the Creative Capital or Creative Value in your Business?

You will fully appreciate that when creativity is valued its capital gains most when it is managed and made purposive. Business Consultancy uncovers the intellectual assets that lie hidden in client’s product, services and companies. As the above case study shows – business coaching is one of the most effective means of uncovering these ‘hidden assets’ in the minds of creative workers – and therefore a vital way of increasing the value of your creative business.

Your Next Step to Increased Profitability

Would you like to be our next success story? Call Ann today on 07725052349 to discuss I can assist you to reduce costs, increase profits and identify new revenue models

"I owe Business Coaching a great debt of gratitude!"

Is your business losing direction? Then Hire Ann as your Business Coach

My business appeared to me to be loosing direction and as much as I tried I was unable to get it back on track. Ann looked at it and my journey began. Ann’s energy, enthusiasm, and intuition were amazing, her input was direct, focused and demanding, but worth every second.
One of the singularly most important aspects  of my photography business was getting the pricing right. Ann worked me through the arithmetic of this and made an otherwise mystifying challenge easy to understand and implement, but she went further and taught me how to think differently about the commercial side of business and to truly appreciate my worth, my skills worth and my products worth.

For this alone I owe Ann a great debt of gratitude. My business is now streamlined, I am confidently taking it in a new and exciting direction full of confidence and self belief. It makes such a difference knowing that anything and everything is achievable and knowing why. Right now, I’m on the crest of a wave, loving every day and looking forward to the challenges business brings. Thanks Ann.

Howard Brown, Artistic Pet Photographer -

"Business Coaching – help to drive my business forward and take it to the next level"

” Ann assisted me to break my business vision down into clear achievable tasks”

” Having started my business 18 months ago, I needed some help to drive my business forward and take it to the next level. I researched various business coaches and found Ann Rodgers via her website at Infinite People

Ann stands out as she focuses on commercialising the business and making it a success. At our first meeting Ann helped me to create a clear vision for the next 3 years of my business. And I’ve been working with Ann to break this vision down into clear achievable tasks and she has helped me develop and grow my business over the last few months.”

Jenny Ervine,  JEM Marketing

"Are You Interested In Achieving Profitability, Performance and Productivity?"

A trusted resource that challenges me to grow my business

“As someone who is been in business a while, I needed a trusted resource that would challenge me to grow the business, export into new markets and help navigate all the nuances and regulations surrounding our industry.  Ann has proven herself to be invaluable in not only expertise, guidance and support but there in times of crisis.
I immediately appreciated the fact that Ann was asking these very practical, very down-to-earth and very real questions.  I felt like she understood my pain and was ready to work on achieving real commercial results.

Ann has helped me create a solid business plan and vision for my company, and her personal advice has provided the confidence and insight I needed to put my best foot forward with the launch of new innovative products and services across the business.

It’s very easy to waste money on making easily avoided mistakes when taking your business to the next level.  Ann’s commercial one to one commercial coaching has saved me a great deal of time and money staying on track and making the right choices for my business.

The reason she has been effective, in my experience, is because of her passion to grow business and assist business owners to lift their game.  Due to her vast expertise she really understands how a entrepreneur feels” Mark, Business Owner – Co Down

"Business Coaching That Gets Results"

Working with a Business Adviser or Coach makes an enormous difference.

“Before Ann, Only about 1% of ideas I have get put into action. They were often not the best ideas.

With Ann as my Business Coach: My ideas and business has become more focused, success is easier to measure and my team have an understanding of what is planned, how they can benefit and what’s expected of all of us. I am more  commercially minded and throughly enjoy working on the business  rather than in the business.

Ann is an essential part of my business. Amazing really, my business gets more profitable each month. Tim, Business Owner – Belfast

"Are you interested in tripling your profits?"

Ann Rodgers, Business Coach, N Ireland, UK -Testimonial from Positive Parties on the business success of rapidly growing her business and tripling her profits within months. Click on this link to view Denise’s testimonial –  Business Coaching helps Positive Parties to Triple Profits

"Career Coaching Success – “the best interview I ever had”"

Career Coaching Success with Ann Rodgers, Infinite People Solutions

“One session with Ann took away inferiority complexes I’d struggled with in my line of work. Overcoming that barrier led me to give the best interview I ever had with a self belief that I didn’t ever experience before.”

Emma, Belfast

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