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Ann’s clients share her passion for results and it shows in their success. Companies that outperform the market like to work with us. Learn more by reading our featured client results stories.

Our Business Consultancy & Coaching Clients come from all sectors. What they all have in common is that they recognise they want to be even better than they are now and are ambitious for fast results. They recognise that working with Ann Rodgers,  Business Consultant & Coach will help accelerate their success and increase their bottom-line.

Our business coaching clients are typically Leaders, Entrepreneurs, SME’s, MD’s or Directors themselves, running their own businesses which they wish to groom to take on even greater responsibilities.

All of our clients are already successful in their own right and are interested in growing and improving themselves, their career and the bottom line of their businesses further.

"I turn 26 this month driven,focused and inspired for the future…….!”"

“Ann Rodgers is a truly inspiritional lady. Four months ago, I lacked the vision and confidence to progess in a highly challenging work environoment. Ann allowed me to move on from negative experiences and retrain my mindset so that I can be the best possible version of myself! I’m so glad I decided to invest in career coaching – my personal and work life have greatly improved!

I turn 26 this month driven,focused and inspired for the future…….!”

Elizabeth, Belfast

"Business Coaching Helped Me Start A Business in A Recession"

I have been working with Ann as my business coach for the past two years and she has been a real inspiration and voice of reason to me throughout. I started running my own business three years ago at the height of the recession and while it has been an exciting experience and one that I wouldn’t swap for the world, at times it has been very daunting and demanding. As a business coach, Ann has always been there for me when I needed some support and but more importantly she’s been there to question me and challenge my mindset.

It is very easy to get overwhelmed when running your business and to brush aside things that you don’t feel comfortable dealing with. Ann’s calm but firm approach guided me towards confronting my fears and stepping out of my comfort zone and through this I was able to make some big decisions that have really helped grow my business. Her Commercial Leadership Programme been an invaluable to me and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough to anyone who, like me is a first time business owner.” Robert, UK Financial Services Company

"Business Coaching – Has Something To Offer You"

“No matter who you are, no matter how successful, no matter how happy–Ann has something to offer you.”

“Working with Ann as my business coach has helped me change many of the fundamental preconceptions and behaviour patterns that had been dominating my life & business for years. With her openness, non-judgmental approach, warmth and true caring spirit, Ann challenged me to focus on my true dreams and expectations for my life and business, rather than drifting on a path of routine activity. I came to truly accept and take the actions which I had secretly known were necessary, and yet had successfully avoided for years! Ann’s constant support was central to this process of empowerment and gave me the strength to tackle head on some of the most difficult times of my business and take decisions that had previously been impossible to take. “ Aaron, Business Owner IT Company, N Ireland

"Kick off 2012 with Focus and Confidence and Results"

Focus + Confidence = Results in 2012

It’s the new year and I knew I needed a rather large push to focus properly on my business and build momentum, so it keeps going.

Ann’s excitement, enthusiasm and guidance has really built up my confidence, self-belief and focus  and already I’m out there doing it, as opposed to worrying and thinking about doing it!

She has coached me to be truly commercially focused to produce real results in the form of sales.

A much better place to be for me and my business!

Heather, Heather Craig Interiors & House Doctor

"Client Testimonial – Business Coaching is an Investment in You"

Make Business Coaching Your Game Changer in 2012

In 2012, thousands of professionals will see their role change, their income decline, and some will give up, change careers and move on. But not this client. She made her own choices. Is it time for you to take control of your life, career or business?

“I was at a cross roads in my career and felt I had lost confidence in my abilities and career direction. I came across Ann in Infinite People Solutions and undertook a few coaching sessions with her. One of my initial reservations was cost as I was paying for the coaching myself. However, I decided to look at it as an investment in my career and from the very first session, Ann helped give me the tools to work on my journey to get my career and my confidence back on track.

After 5-6 sessions, I can honestly say that I feel a different person and it enormously helped with me to focus my career on what I want.  Within a three month period I have been offered the job of my dreams, which is double my current salary.  I cannot emphasise enough the return on investment that this coaching with Ann has given me.  For anyone that initially thinks, ” I cannot afford coaching”, please re-consider as I can honestly say that it has being the best investment I have ever made in myself and I am reaping the benefits, not just career wise, but have the tools to help me in all aspects of my life” Michele, Head of Marketing, IT, Dublin

"Career Success For Local Graduate – Maximises His Career Potential"

“Like most graduates I completed university by sitting exams and answering the questions that at the time were heralded as ‘the last questions I’ll ever have to answer’.

Little did I know the weeks that followed posed some of the toughest questions of all – those of my future. I had become aware of Ann’s great work during my first year at the University Of Ulster but always felt that it was the kind of service that only suited business people and career folk, but with my graduation complete I approached Ann to help piece together the next step.

Ann helped wrestle the multitude of thoughts In my head into a succinct short term career plan whilst coaching a specific approach to  interview technique. Ann’s no nonsense approach and incredible motivation resulted in receiving a scholarship for Queens University for a Masters programme that included an industrial placement, the best of both worlds.

Infinite People Solutions is without question a perfect way for a student or graduate to successfully approach their next career step whether it be in academia or in the ‘real world’ of work. I most certainly will continue to work with Ann in the future in order to maximise my career potential.   Fergal Campbell

"Effective Way to Focus and Deliver Results"

“When I first began working with Ann from Infinite People Solutions I was so immersed in the company It was getting destructive. Ann helped put my responsibilities into perspective and our product, SUKI TEA is now being exported to 7 countries including a prestigious café in Tokyo as I’m now working smarter, not harder. I can’t say enough about all the help she have provided me with. I reclaimed my creative buzz and feel like I have my life back.”
Oscar Woolley, Director – Suki Tea

"Multitude of new opportunities"

“Quite often, when running business, a business owner becomes so embroiled in day to day stuff that they can’t see the wood for the trees. Ann helped me to overcome these challenges, restructure my diary and aim directly at my long term goals; the results of which are evident by the multitude of new opportunities which have suddenly become apparent.”

Jason Shankey, Financial Director – Jason Shankey Limited

"Achieve Profitable Turnover"

“When we came to Ann Rodgers it was because we knew our business was capable of being more organized in the hope that we could achieve a more profitable turnover and iron out some time issues to getting things done as this was a major problem with the running of a young family of three and a business from home. On a personal level we both felt we had a lack of confidence in selling our business and our hesitance of moving forward was holding us back. Ann helped us develop that confidence by showing us that honest selling isn’t about arrogance or bravado, and showed us how to create a positive approach that enables us to aid our prospects and visualize the benefits of working with her expertise. We have only been working with Ann now for a short period of time but are already seeing positive prospects ahead and are looking forward to reaching many of the goals we have in store for our future with Ann’s influence and assistance.”
Alison and Ashley Blair – The Cottage Beauty & Spa

"Ann is the best woman for the job"

“I have just finished my second coaching session with Ann and already I feel more positive about my business’s potential. I started Vital Nutrition because I am passionate about health and wellbeing, but after nine years doing the same thing, I want to change, grow and develop my business. I have loads of ideas, but I needed someone to help me get structures in place to start implementing these ideas. Ann is the best woman for the job! She has already given me a lot of tools to help me see a new vision for my business and I am really excited about the opportunities ahead. With Ann’s help, I am looking forward to seeing my business grow to its full potential. ”
Jane McClenaghan, Entrepreneur and Nutritional Experts

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