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“Commercially Fit in 100 days” – How about it?

Fast Forward to Your Business to 5th January 2015

I commercially challenge you to end 2014 with success and clarityFast forward your business to the 5th January 2015, the first day back for many after the festive season. On this day many contemplate their regrets on what they haven’t done, did not achieve or accomplish.

Mix in the pressure of culturally setting New Year’s resolutions full of hope for the forthcoming year.

Therefore and realistically, the start of January is not the most motivational time of the year to kick start a new strategy or sales campaign – not to mention the it’s the peak of winter with cold dark days.

On the other hand, the Egyptian were clever – they chose September to kick off the New Year, something that for us has become a back-to-school tradition.

So on this bright Indian summer day, it inspired me to write this blog to empower and encourage you to get your business “Commercially Fit in 100 days”.

This challenge is to you to take action to enable you too really celebrate 2014 by achieving your deepest goals.

As the famous quote reads – “I’d rather attempt to do something great and fail than to attempt to do nothing and succeed.”

Imagine kick starting 2015 with a clear vision, with a clear tangible plan and fuelled by a bucket of motivation or even renewed passion for your business.

What would inspire you enough to start 2015 with a clarity, confident and with momentum? So right now choose your option – A, B or C

A)   Do the same thing and get the same result

B)   Do nothing and be in the same place

C)   Get planning, get writing, hire me as your coach and I will help you succeed

I challenge you to commit to getting your business “Commercially Fit in 100 days” this autumn!

Set goals. Set deadlines. Change your business. And then, by the festive season, you’ll have something truly worth celebrating.

Now, grab your pen start writing and give yourself something to really celebrate this year

Our rugby season is just getting started  and every single team, from school youngsters to the pros has the best coach they can find. So should you! If you’re ready to end the year strong and go into 2015 on top of the world, let’s at least talk it over! You’ve got nothing to lose and a lifetime of success, pride and accomplishment awaiting you. Let’s talk about it! –

What are your business goals this autumn, call me on 07725052349 and I’ll help you get clarity and fast track your success.

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