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Whether you’re saying ‘good riddance’ or consider it one of your best years ever, 2016 will soon be a faded memory.  The New Year & 2017—is fast approaching like a freight train coming in at full speed ahead whether you want it to or not. Every year about this time I remind business owners and entrepreneurs to get a head start.

Just like each New Year can bring uncertainty and apprehension, especially in the sometimes-tumultuous world we live in these days. But the great news is that a brand spanking New Year brings a blank canvas, full of hope and the promise of brighter days—a better tomorrow for you personally, your company and your customers.

Okay, so maybe we need to follow through on our personal Resolutions and look at them as an opportunity to gauge our goals in order to lead a healthier, more meaningful life. But have you ever thought about also taking the time to face the challenge of your BUSINESS NEW YEAR’S RESOLUTIONS? Aren’t those just as important to your employees, your customers and especially to your bottom line?

Taking Action

What goals do you have for your company in the year ahead? Are they huge milestones with lofty goals you want to achieve or small increments along the way that will make a difference in the business you want to build. What objectives need to be put into place to remain relevant in the days and months ahead?

How will you make it easier for your customer to do business with you this year? What are the solutions they need you to solve for them? Are they getting the best experience from you at EVERY touch point? Do they understand your mission—your vision, and are they willing to remain loyal on this journey?

What are your marketing goals for the New Year? Will you be following a Content Marketing strategy that consistently communicates your brand, your products and services and most of all, the solutions you can provide your customers? Are you taking full advantage of every possible game-changing marketing tool available to you, such as an interactive website, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Automation and Mobile Marketing just to name a few?

2017 is just around the corner. You have a beautiful, wonderful inspiring BLANK SLATE in front of you that has amazing possibilities. Some of it will be filled with things you can’t control; but there are things you can control, such as giving your employees every opportunity to do what they do best everyday, while at the same time, doing every thing you can to understand your customers’ needs.  And, yes, you can have control over a marketing strategy that communicates what your company stands for, making sure you’re both high tech AND high touch.

When you look back on 2017, will your blank slate be filled with Resolutions you followed through with or goals you gave up on too easily? Will you choose underachievement or inspiration? Will there be a renewed focus on what truly matters to the vision of your company and your customers and how you communicate that message?

Aspire for the Best in 2017

Make 2017 your best year yet. Set targets and do your best to reach them. If you like more revenues, do more of what can get you more sales. Should you want to be the best company for a certain niche, then go ahead and make that dream come true. The possibilities are endless so run hard into the new year with a renewed view of how you conduct business.

Start now….

I’d recommend in the coming weeks, to get very clear about precisely what you want to achieve in the coming year. What are your priorities, your values, your dreams? What’s important? What will make a difference? For now, don’t worry too much about “how” you’ll pull it off, just note what’s true and what you really want in 2017. When you’re clear about “what,” you’ll figure out “how.”

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You can work with us to develop your business growth plan and we’ll be there at every stage to help you implement it.

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