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Build Your Business Plan For 2017: From Strategy To Action

Build Your Business Plan For 2017: From Strategy To Action with Infinite People on 07725052349

If you don't have a tangible plan, you're actually losing business -- or you're increasing the chance of losing business to competitors

Build Your Business Plan For 2017: From Strategy To Action

Do you want to grow your business profitability and sales, but feel trapped, and don’t know where to start?

Have you created a plan to define your business vision with clear monthly steps towards it you can measure?

Are you leading your business or is it leading you?

You want a strong start to 2017. Awesome! But if you want to see greater marketing results next year, you’ll need to use the remaining time in 2016 to set the stage for 1st January. Remember, ‘Success is a process, not a one-off event’

In the past years, like most business owners, you’ve probably created a plan for the next year – a new way of doing it – and you’re determined to learn from previous errors. It’s exciting for the first few weeks… then life happens, you get stuck in the weeds of day-to-day frustrations and fall back into old habits, ending up in survival mode reacting to things that come at you daily. Follow these steps to learn from the past, dream big, and put together a sensible plan for achieving your goals in 2017.

Imagine how it would feel if you went into 2017 armed with a structured plan and clear action steps to follow to help your business grow?

Infinite People understands that your business is unique, which is why our approach is not prescriptive.

As a business owner, you will:

  • Identify your personal and business objectives and the opportunities open to you and your business
  • Define your personal and business measurements of success
  • Work on financial models for the business
  • Evaluate your sales and marketing efforts
  • If appropriate, explore exit strategies.
  • Cover all main business issues

Working with Infinite People, you will walk into 2017 with clarity with an actionable plan that will result in you having a stronger business and a better life – finally closing the gap between your current reality and your dream company.

Business plans are great, useful even, but the planning process and a growth oriented plan of action is where it’s at for the small business.

A growth strategy planning approach forces you to focus on customer based strategy, high priority objectives and measurement of the things that actually impact your ability to reach your growth goals.

Every business that has growth in mind should make quarterly planning the practical and useful vehicle that it is.

If you want to gain the knowledge, skill, and experience you need to refocus for growth in 2017, enjoy challenges and are curious about finding a better way, you’ve found the right place! Email Ann on or call to discuss on 07725052349.

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“As a business strategist, consultant & coach, I help successful but overwhelmed business leaders gain clarity, extraordinary growth, increased profits, and exceptional quality of life" Ann Rodgers, Award Winning Director and founder of Infinite People Solutions. Ann's 15 years of business consultancy and coaching experience as well as her successful entrepreneurial career, enables her to really add value and bring fresh perspectives and approaches to her clients.
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