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Business Coaching – Cash Flow is King “Succeeding in Uncertain Times”

Business Coaching Programme - Cash Flow is King “Succeeding in Uncertain Times”

Cash Flow is King “Succeeding in Uncertain Times”

I have spent some time over the last month working on business plans for my client’s businesses. One is a new start up, in the middle stages of planning, and the other is an established business which is going through a major restructure which will allow them to survive after a tough few months.

One thing became apparent to me as I was working on their plans: whether you’re in the very early stages of planning a new business, in the first few months of trading, or have been in business for a number of years, the changes in the bank’s lending policies over the last months/years have made one thing very clear.

Cash is King. Your business, and mine, cannot survive without it, so while you probably know all these things, are you focusing on them?

More companies fail in their first few years due to the inability to manage cash than for any other reason. Often the company had sufficient cash resources, but managed them poorly.

Cash is paramount for running a successful business

For this reason, I have designed a core coaching programme to assist business owners and entrepreneurs, find out how to:

  • learn how to manage our ‘New Economy’ where ‘Cash is definitely King’.
  • get cash quickly into your business
  • create a fast growth success formula
  • reveal the ‘cash pockets’ in your business
  • design a clear cash strategy
  • develop a stronger sales process
  • strengthen your price models
  • the real cost of discounting
  • clarify your payment process

….or just improve your cash flow…Once cash flow has been mastered, cash will still be king, but it’ll be more of a fundamental.

Read what 20 other Business Owners have to say about my Business Coaching and take action now by picking up the phone and calling 02890457045 for a chat. I look forward to hearing from you.

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“As a business strategist, consultant & coach, I help successful but overwhelmed business leaders gain clarity, extraordinary growth, increased profits, and exceptional quality of life" Ann Rodgers, Award Winning Director and founder of Infinite People Solutions. Ann's 15 years of business consultancy and coaching experience as well as her successful entrepreneurial career, enables her to really add value and bring fresh perspectives and approaches to her clients.
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