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Business Coaching – End of 1st Quarter – Is your business on track?

End of 1st Quarter of 2015 - Is your business on track?

Make Every Day Count Towards Success

End of 1st Quarter – Is your business on track?

Spring is officially here! Our daffodils are in full bloom, the temperature is warmer, the days are longer and sun is out!

It’s nearing the end of March, almost at its end for the 1st quarter. Wow. It is a great time to evaluate everything that you’ve accomplish so far. Great job! If that feels great to you and you are on track with your goals, Congrats.

If not….. time to get started eh? Often times I see with my clients the belief that if they are not where they want to be then it’s time to give up. Or maybe just try something else instead. This is the worst thing you could do! I simply just redirect them to their original goal, plan & vision and really get them motivated to why they started in the first place.

It creates a new space and a new drive to recommit to the level of success that will bring them to what they are looking for.

I have clients opening restaurants, building their business, growing revenues, adding new products, and some that are just starting out on their entrepreneurial journey. It is exciting for me to see their dreams being realised. I would love to hear from you what you are recommitting to, or if you are staying committed and in the action steps.

If coaching could help, don’t hesitate to ask! I’d love to talk with you about strategy and efficiency, but even without a coach, Spring gives you the conditions for maximum results. Use your time well. Manage your energy. Eliminate distractions and tolerations. Take pride that this year, you used these warmer days to Spring Forward!

Let Infinite People Help Grow Your Business.

To find out more book limited one-to-one complementary business strategy session which can conducted by SKYPE. I have only a small number of slots let at present for new clients.

Don’t get left behind in this new wave of growth.

I look forward to hearing from you on

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“As a business strategist, consultant & coach, I help successful but overwhelmed business leaders gain clarity, extraordinary growth, increased profits, and exceptional quality of life" Ann Rodgers, Award Winning Director and founder of Infinite People Solutions. Ann's 15 years of business consultancy and coaching experience as well as her successful entrepreneurial career, enables her to really add value and bring fresh perspectives and approaches to her clients.
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