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Number 1# All Time Excuse:“I don’t have time!”

Number 1# All Time Excuse:“I don’t have time!”

“I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date (Your Life).” ~ The March Hare
(well, we all know what happened to the hare)

As a Personal Life and Business Coach, here’s a question I am commonly asked:

How do I prioritize when I truly have too much to do?

I hear about the your exhausting life, the businesses you are running and your demanding careers. I understand the difficulty of getting where you want to go with your personal and professional goals. And you are feeling frustrated because you don’t know what to do and don’t have the time to think about it or start doing anything differently.

I have news. This problem almost never solves itself N.E.V.E.R. No one can change the amount of hours there is in the day. Time will never just show up—and honestly, if it does, you’ll probably find yourself so glad to have it that you just collapse into it and don’t really use it in a way that will benefit you. Most people today are mentally exhausted just thinking of all the things they have to do but it’s a never ending circle.  If you want to get off the hamster wheel, you are going to have to CLAIM some time. Use Time to your advantage, a positive, as your friend.

Imagine you never allowed time to be your excuse?

Claiming time means that for now (not forever), you say no to something else in order to claim some time for you. It doesn’t have to be a week. It might be ten minutes. If it is, that’s a great start. Ten minutes devoted just to you and your goal may be more than you gave yourself yesterday. So claim it. Write it in your schedule. Decide in advance what you will do with it. Somebody just emailed me that she purchased my but hasn’t had enough time to do it. Ten minutes a day won’t get it done in 28 days, but it WILL move her forward.

Personal Life and Business Coach’s Tip –

Write this down: Taking ten minutes counts!!

Here’s the thing:

Action (even ten minutes) perpetuates action. Getting started—whatever your goal—is a momentous step and just that one act will get you over a hurdle.

Once you learn to carve out ten minutes and really leverage that time you are likely to see what ten minutes can accomplish. Many of us dismiss small actions as “not enough.” When we do that, we stay stuck. I bet you will find ten minute pockets in other places you haven’t been looking—on your commute, before the kids get up, while you are waiting for your computer to start up or your tea to brew. You may also start to see ways you can claim bigger chunks of time (wait until you see what you can do in 20 minutes).

Claiming the time you need for yourself and spending it on activity that is meaningful to you is rejuvenating. People who take regular breaks and who get the self care that they need have more energy.  They are more focused and accomplish more in less time. Claiming time will pay you back in ways that may surprise you.

Looking for time to claim will lead you to be more aware of how you spend your time—maybe not the big chunks of activity, but all the small pieces. It’s amazing the amount of time we give away to things that aren’t important, that we don’t really want to do, or to boredom, procrastination, or even difficulty getting started.

Don’t let not having time be an excuse. Set the timer and claim ten minutes. Today. Remember – Small Hinges Swing Big Doors!

Never let the size of your business (Life or Career) become your focus. Remember small hinges swing big doors! Disney started his business from a garage and created one little mouse, next he owned a studio, then Disneyland and now Disney World. The little mouse makes the elephant dance.”

Point to remember, when we are older and we look back at our life will “I didn’t have enough time” be a good enough reason why not to have had the life your desired? Only you can decide, its up to you. Call me today to discuss how can take small action to achieve your goals on 02890457045.

Small steps + small goals = makes big achievements!

Here’s to making 2012 hugely successful, fascinating and fantastic


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