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Business Results Consultant – Is your business losing money and sales due to lack of clarity

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Clarity, Clarity and More Clarity is your route to success

Definition of Clarity

noun: clarity

1  the quality of being clear, in particular: the quality of being coherent and intelligible.”for the sake of clarity, each of these strategies is dealt with separately” lucidity, lucidness, clearness, perspicuity, intelligibility, comprehensibility, coherence.

Is your business losing money and sales due to lack of clarity

Millions of pounds across businesses are lost every day due to lack of clarity.   I fully understand that you like many other business owners have to juggle so many balls and often days/weeks are spent fire fighting.  It is hard to imagine taking time out to spend working on the business rather than in it.

So why is having clarity so important?

Without clarity, your business moves from place to place like a ship without a rudder. But with clarity, you run your business “on purpose” and you will create amazing results — both for you and for your customers!

Clarity = Business Success = Increase Profitability of £3.5m

I currently work with a Entrepreneur named Simon, his business was sailing along growing steady but he knew the business had so much potential and he knew could double or triple profits.

Simon had some big ideas for what he wanted to achieve, but they were not defined in much detail. He also knew that he wanted to achieve a lot of results in a short period of time, but he didn’t have a good idea of how he was going to do it.

In other words, Simon was just like many business owners and entrepreneurs who I have met over the years. The first thing I did with Simon was coach him to getting really clear about his most important vision, create vital milestone with specific deadlines. This was kick started the momentum and he felt much more confident about our chances for success.

In this case, Simon’s timeframe happened to be pretty aggressive and we both were confronted with a lot of opposition from people who thought that it couldn’t be done. Fortunately, this story has a happy ending. Simon reached his big goal and he reached it within the six-month window that he had set for himself. Now he is building and building further growth goals at a continuous rate.

So how can you learn from Simon’s success and develop clarity for your business goals?

Here are some questions to get you started;

1. Remember in Step One (“Understanding”) when you were asked how you measure success in your business today? Well, you need to use the answer to that question to fill in the blank below: What have you achieved in the last three months in your business in terms of _____________ ? (i.e. typical items to fill in this blank are money, profits, or new customers)

2. What one goal would you like to achieve in the next 90 days?

3. Once you achieve this goal, what do you want to do with the extra money and extra time? In other words, what do you personally get as a reward for achieving this goal?

4. Looking back, what was your best month you ever had in your business in terms of ______________? (insert your chosen measurement again in the blank, and then answer the question)

5. Can you summarise what happened that month (or that period)? In other words, what specific actions had you taken that led to those incredible results?

Rapid Success for an Online Company

Let’s use another example to show you just how easy this process can be. Another client of mine, Mary is the proud owner of successful Online Company, which makes sells designer clothes to the luxury market.

Working directly with Mary, defining her business clarity for her was vital – the biggest reasons she is in business is to make enough money to be financially free. I also assisted her to define on how she measures her success and determined that the number of customers she has is what is most important to her.

During our coaching, we came up with the following answers to the five Clarity questions listed above:

1. In the last three months, I have gained over 100 new customers.

2. I would like to get 5000 new customers in the next 90 days. she has never set such a big goal before, so this is a very exciting goal for both of us! Time for her to Play Big.

3. When I reach my goal of 5000 new customers, I will invest half of the profits into innovative new marketing campaigns to drive more sales and spend some of the profits on a two-week holiday to Sydney with my family.

4. In my best week ever, I gained 1000 new customers.

5. During my best month, I think the biggest reason for my success was that I rolled out a marketing campaigns across multiple of platforms with Ann’s help and followed up on every lead that I received.

Are your starting to develop clarity and how it effects your bottom line

Are you starting to get the picture and see how easy it can be to develop clarity for yourself? When you focus on the above questions and answer them honestly, you will be laying the next brick in your momentum foundation.

Make some time in your diary this week to think about your answers to these questions.

No wonder both their companies are growing! “Clarity” policies don’t cost, they pay. Big time!

If it’s time for you to up-grade your clarity policy to increase profits, build a more enthusiastic team and serve more raving-fan customers, maybe it’s time to bring
in a coach! Let’s make it happen! Email me:

Getting very clear about what you want to accomplish in your business in the next 12 months is a very important step to catapult your business into massive momentum. Take action and get these questions answered today.

You’ll be glad you did! Clarity is a habit and like any habit, it takes constant reinforcement

Take the step today

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