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Business Owners – Can your business possibly grow while you are on holiday?

“It’s summer time and the living is easy”…. time to get outside, hit the beaches and for many of us this means getting on planes – one of my favorite pastimes!

Have you booked your holiday? As a business coach and a business owner, I insist my client’s take their holidays– actually I encourage even much as a few weeks off. However at the start, my clients are often very resistant to take holidays, to go away and feel that the business will not cope, survive or will crash without them.

I thought I’d tackle this subject this year as I’m not sure what is going on with the weather system – seriously snow in May! It is essentially everyone takes a break, re-energise, recharges, spends time with family/partner and for me gets some vitamin D.

Intelligent business owners understand the value of taking time off, of getting away from the business. At the same time, they are concerned that their business success will falter if they are not there; who will answer customer questions? What if business operations have a hiccup?

Nearly  half of business owners fail to take a summer holiday, so it stands to reason that with clients and employees as demanding as ever, the holiday season is often also far from restful for many entrepreneurs.

That’s bad news for family members who have to deal with the business/entrepreneur in the family spoiling their summer cheer with constant on or tapping on a smartphone, and it’s bad news for business owners themselves. You have to be in one place at a time!

It can have serious consequences,  if you don’t get a break, you’re going to burn out, and you’ll never achieve the level of success you’re aiming for!

It’s tough to keep your pulse on your business’s health if you are a thousand miles away but with five simple steps you can ensure your business will continue to thrive.

  • Plan ahead – Give yourself and your staff enough time to prepare and get used to the idea of being away from your business. I recommend planning taking a couple of days before your flight to prepare or to leave for last minute!
  • Communicate, delegate, train and set targets. Some business owners fell “there really is no one who can do what you as well they do”, but if you’ve hired well, they do their job better than you and can fill in for you. Define who will take on additional tasks during your time away and train them so you are both comfortable.
  • Create back-up plans. Define mission critical business operations and create a back-up plan that staff can follow in case of an operations failure.
  • Get over yourself. Sure, it’s your business, your livelihood, and you probably are the pulse of the organisation. But…the business will survive without you if you’ve led your business and not just managed it. It might be an ego buster to come back from being away and have no emergencies waiting for you; trust me, you can get over that quickly by scrolling through your holiday pictures and by planning your next holiday immediately.
  • Leave a return plan to avoid the post holiday horrors - ease yourself back into the saddle – leave a plan in advance as you do not want to undo all the relaxation. At this stage many of my clients are reaping the benefits the plan their next break.

As a high performer you have achieved a certain level of success due to common sense – 7 or 14 days in not a lot of time out of 365. So take perspective, relax, enjoy, unwind and comeback re-energize and full of new ideas.

Having something exciting to look forward to can make all that hard work seem worthwhile. So why wait!

If you absolutely, without a doubt, have to stay connected, define how often and for what you will connect. Consider having an employee send two to three key business indications daily.

Taking time off is invaluable to you and your business. You may be nervous about it, but by following these simple steps you will have the confidence and a plan to recharge your batteries and return with more energy. Call me today on 02890457045 and we’ll get a plan in place for this year and every year to come!

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