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Grow Your Business – Position your business for increased profits this Christmas season

We have just got Halloween over and the Christmas season is already kicking in. The Christmas Season is one of the busiest and most profitable selling seasons of the year for many business owners.

As well as being a time of celebration, Christmas is all about preparation it’s such a peak time for everyone to be thinking about everything well in advance. I advise all my clients to kick off their plan in November, before people and businesses get distracted and start shutting down for Christmas. People and businesses are more likely to take you up on an offer before the craziness of December.

For most Christmas can also be pretty stressful for business owners, so take some time out and create your plan for dealing with the festive season.

You need to start planning now. Here are some ideas to help get you started;

1. Be prepared, start planning now – hire a Personal & Business Coach – This Christmas is a make-or-break period for many. You will only get the most from the festive period if you start thinking about it now – and if you recognise in advance that you will have to devote extra resources in the short-term in order to benefit in the longer term.

2. Ramp up your marketing – There is a temptation to cut back on marketing during tough times. In reality, though, you need to compete even harder for every pound spent – and this means ensuring that your business is as visible and as attractive as possible. Rather than retreating, think about ways that you can efficiently boost your marketing in the run-up to Christmas.

3. Give your premises “the Christmas feeling” Your premises say a lot about your business.

4. Concentrate on the customer – Great customer service becomes even more important during the Christmas period. Every customer need a reason to come back to you, rather than your competitor next door – and giving fantastic service is amongst the best ways to do this.

5. Run an client event – Of course, Christmas just not all about sales. It’s also about connecting with the people around us, giving thanks, and celebrating.

6. Revisit your online presence & website – Online sales are still rising as a proportion of total sales. Have a look at your website and make sure it’s fighting fit. Is it usable? Are there any broken links? Does it provide all the relevant information in a simple, readable format?

7. Get everyone involved – Finally, remember that your will be under extra pressure during the festive period. Make sure your staff are informed and motivated

It’s been a hard year for everyone especially in business, so you got just under 8 weeks to make this year a successful one both personally and professionally. Apart from feeling organised, there are other obvious benefits to getting everything organised in advance.

Do you have your Christmas campaign ready to leverage the goodwill and of the season? It’s not too late, call today and let’s get started on 02890457045

Have a good and profitable November!

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