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Business Owner Take Your Business to the Next Level - Entrepreneur Mastermind Club

Entrepreneur Mastermind ClubInspiration, Accountability & Collaboration

Consider joining a mastermind group to achieve growth faster?

If you are reading this blog, chances are you like to challenge yourself and you are likely in a situation today where you are being challenged. In this article, I’m going to go over what a mastermind group is, how it can benefit you and your business grow.

Smart small business owners have clicked into the power of creating a regular mastermind or brainstorming group. They use groups as a sounding board for new ideas, innovations, business challenges and in many cases informal mentorship. Let’s face it, not only do you get to know this handful of people extremely well, you also get to tap into their business acumen and knowledge. And when it’s well planned and organised, it can be a win-win for all the mastermind members, not just you.

“You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.”

Most of my clients do not have many business people or entrepreneur in their circles? The people who you surround yourself with are the biggest influence on your life. They are either a negative influence holding you down, or a positive influence lifting you up. The easiest way to do something you don’t believe you can do is to surround yourself with people who are already doing it.

Are Mastermind Groups worth it?

“The co-ordination of knowledge and effort of two or more people, who work toward a definite purpose in the spirit of harmony”. Napoleon Hill

I have been a part of as mastermind group for years; it is definitely worth it and is the key to my success today. Successful individuals such as Benjamin Franklin, J.R.R. Tolkien, Henry Ford and Thomas Edison, all met with groups of like-minded people on a regular basis, to help one another achieve common goals and grow. Today, this is called a “mastermind”, first coined by Napoleon Hill in 1925.

Why it works?

  • Accountability: You are held accountable to the achievement of your goals. Just knowing you have a regularly scheduled meeting will internally drive you to make progress. Nobody wants to be seen as lazing around while others are making huge progress in their business
  • Perspective: Each individual has a unique history and set of skills. When you expose your challenge to someone else, you are likely to get a solution you may not have been able to think of.
  • Synergy: The interaction of several trusting people can produce a combined solution greater than the sum of their separate solutions.
  • Sharing & Networking: When you have to explain a problem to someone else, often, the solution becomes evident to you as you are explaining the problem.
  • Resources: By being part of this group, you gain access to everyone’s personal network.
  • Fast Track Your Growth – Helps each other overcome tough business challenges by providing a sounding board and expertise to help you make decision faster.

How does it work?

Of course, there are some rules to ensure your success – because of the groups nature a commitment is required to show up for every meeting.

  • Commitment is for one year. Commitment encompasses attending monthly meetings Information is shared confidentially among participating members.
  • Mastermind groups work best when everyone participates and active participation by every members is necessary for the group’s success.

Being a successful entrepreneur means getting stuff done. So, if you’re looking to gather more information or buy the latest ‘shiny object’, it’s probably not for you.

What could be possible for you with the right guide, the right plan, and the right peer group?

I have successfully run The Entrepreneur Mastermind Club every month with the best and brightest minds in one room that see real results. This 12-month programme is HANDS-ON. What I mean is it’s as much about DOING as it is about LEARNING.

I currently have 3 spaces for the forthcoming club – Apply today by emailing

“Best investment in your time you can make”

Apply Today to accelerate your business and join an inspired tribe of entrepreneurs changing the way they do business.

Business Owner Take  Your Business to the Next Level - Entrepreneur Mastermind Club

Entrepreneur Mastermind ClubInspiration, Accountability & Collaboration

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