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“Lean In & make this The Summer of Strategy”

Lean In this Summer & Grow Your BusinessLean In this Summer & Increase Your Profits

For many summer is a time to take the foot off work but I encourage you to ‘Lean In’ this for your Strategy for Summer. Lean In, as you may know is Sheryl Sandberg’s bestseller and one of the best books I recently read. For this blog, it inspired me to write and encourage you as a business owner to “lean in” and “don’t leave before you leave.

How you may ask can I when there is so many distraction during the summer. I am a huge believer in short-term goals. Long-term goals are useful, but it’s the short-term projects and summer  campaigns that make all the difference in life.

This summer as the clock ticks by consider your competitors will take the summer off. Your employees will take holidays and you’ll need to cover for them, and you will want to have some of your summer fun, events or trips . These are good things! But–and it’s a huge but!–the coming few weeks can make all the difference to your bottom line at the end of the year.

While the world is enjoying the “lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer” you want to set new sales goals, and achieve them! While everyone else is relaxing in the long days of summer, you want to be laying the foundation for a
magnificent year!

This summer, get a jump on the competition. Get a jump on your future! This summer, be busy. It’s during the long days of summer that our harvest is growing and our fortune is created. Use the summer well. Be busy about important
things and when fall comes and everyone else is picking up where they left off this spring, you’ll be far ahead of the pack.

In fact, now is the best possible time to really get focused on what makes your company tick— in large part preciselybecause your competition is taking it easy during the long sunny days of summer
It makes perfect sense.  If everyone else is slowing down and losing their focus as they try to squeeze the last sweet drops out of summer, and you do the opposite, then you will be way ahead of the competition when fall rolls around.  Plus, losing your collective grip on what you’re supposed to be doing—and why—for the better part of a month is just bad for business.

The ability to focus—ruthlessly—is what separates the companies that grow steadily and successfully from the ones that get distracted, trot down the wrong side path, and find themselves lost in the forest.
Focus requires complete concentration, which can be difficult to achieve when the allure of leaning out is distracting you and your employees at every turn.  It’s difficult but not impossible.  Take the right steps and you can end the summer in a much better position than when it began.

Vow to make this “Lean In & make this The Summer of Strategy”.
As this summer starts, strive to make your core strategy (the main strategy that drives your business) the focus of everything: meetings, new projects, old projects, communications with clients and prospects—everything.

Let’s get started on those big dreams of yours, hold you accountable about achieving them, and build resources to make a big splash,
I look forward to working with you this summer for great advice that will not only help you and your team ruthlessly focus this Summer, but maybe even have some fun doing it. Take action and start develop your plan on 02890 457045.

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