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Sowing the seeds for Life & Business Success

Wow, how fast did summer disappear? Even with it being the wettest summer in a hundred years, there was still a great deal to enjoy, to take time out, to renew, reassess and reset your business/career dreams and business/career goals. September is one of my favourite months of the year, as well being a busy business month, is a month of so many opportunities to make sales, to meet new partners/suppliers, attend events, to hire a coach, enter awards, hire new people and to make money.

Known as the harvest month, just like a farmer who plants seeds in the ground expects a harvest, we expect to see results from the time and energy we invest in business success. But just like the farmer (and you) must select good seeds and plan in advance in order to reap a good harvest.

That we have to sow in order to reap is a concept we are all familiar with. It is one of nature’s fundamental laws, which mankind has long understood and made use of. We cannot sow potatoes and expect to reap carrots! Some people want business and career success instantaneously. In reality, business and career success is a lot more like farming – it is a nurturing process. So what are you going to sow this Autumn?

Start Planting Now to “Reap Rewards”

September is a time for sowing the seeds of change, planting seeds in fertile ground and nurturing them for rapid growth. It is a time for action and therefore a time to confront any obstacles in your way – start today, fulfil your business goals and attain the following commercial outcomes for this year and next.

  • Improved sales, revenue, cash flow or turnover
  • Improved profit margins and profitability
  • Reduced costs and improved efficiencies or productivity measures
  • Increased valuation of the business, both in absolute terms and relative to competitors.
  • Stronger internal leadership skills within team members.
  • The ability to overcome internal obstacles and facilitate change.
  • Better communication throughout the organisation, which can speed implementation of strategic and operational changes for all businesses.
  • Improved staff morale, which can positively impact staff turnover, engagement, efficiency, innovation and client relationships.
  • Improved clarity around, and agreement with company vision and values, which define acceptable behaviours and inform staff recruitment and retention strategies.
  • Better work/life balance.

Get a running start to 2013 on my 90 Day Challenge on the “Reap your Rewards” Programme.

With only 3 months left in 2012 it is time to plan your pursuits for success in 2013. Now is the time to think BIG, be BOLD and take ACTION! I have helped hundreds of small business owners, professional and people like you take dramatic steps in their business to get you to the next level, achieve your potential and to make more money.

If you have millions of ideas and not getting any finished or even started in some cases

  • Are you ready to take business forward, as the clock is ticking?
  • Are you looking for support, business success tools and accountability?
  • Are you prepared to make time to research new ideas, brainstorm business building ideas and plan?
  • Are you a positive minded person and not afraid to work hard on strategies and systems for your business?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, my 90 day coaching intensive is perfect for you. The 90 day “Reap and Rewards” Programme provides a platform for you to explore the current state of life-business balance to provide an opportunity for you to set short, medium and long-term commitments and build in accountability mechanisms.

90 Day (3 Month) “Reap and Reward” programme provides business owners with structured exercises, useful tools and templates and new accountability frameworks to help you grow!

This programme is designed for business owners and entrepreneurs who are looking to launch their business and  expand their career blueprint. This Programme will also cater for seasoned entrepreneurs and professionals who are wanting a kick start to move their business or career to the next level in 2013.

Now is the time to live outside the limits of your past and beyond what your mind can conceive.

Why choose Coaching to ‘Reap the Rewards’ in your Life and Business

By selecting one of my coaching programmes which is driven by you and your vision, I will help you get focused on developing, launching, managing and growing the life and business you’ve always dreamed about. Engaging me as your coach offers you an opportunity to get an outside perspective and provides you with an objective sounding board on strategic issues and important decisions. As your coach, I will work closely with you to help navigate some of the common hurdles, less productive impulses and life/business experiences, including the daily ups and downs and dealing with success.

Find out how my clients has experienced great level of success from sowing, reaping and achieving high-level awards in their life, career  or business  – Client Success.

So if you would like coaching to make your life and business more exciting, more profitable and far more productive, take action!

I’ve got openings at the moment, and I’d enjoy talking with you. Call today to kick start your plans for 2013 on 02890 457045

‘sedit qui timuit ne non succederet’

He who feared he would not succeed…sat still”

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