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Infinite Coach Blog- Hello Sunshine – Time to Shine a Spotlight on Your Business

I don’t know about you but I am so super excited to see the sunshine. Ah, the wonderful magnificence of spring: lambs playing in the fields, flowers blooming in the garden and after months and months of dull evenings and afternoons, the sun is finally shining – which means any cobwebs which have built up over the winter are now all too apparent.

April and spring go hand in hand. Spring is the season for renewal and new beginnings as this seasonal change is a great time to get re-invigorated and inspired, and this can be infectious. As you tackle your annual spring cleaning tasks, go beyond the feather duster and the oven cleaner, and let the clean-up trickle into your business.

Now is a great time to start dusting off your accounts and clearing away the cobwebs of recession by looking at exactly what your costs are and how you can reduce them. From your marketing to your sales process to your office space, there are always ways you can make savings and de-clutter.  Company leaders can pump new life into an organization by transferring this springtime routine to the workplace.

Don’t know where to start? I’ve looked at some of the easiest ways help you shake off the winter woes and get a renewed enthusiasm for the season of growth and new beginnings.

De-Clutter Your Business Services and Products.

When was the last time you reviewed your services and/or products. Think about your business activities that no longer add value to your organisation and ask yourself are they commercially viable? If products or services have outlived market demand, sweep them out. It may be a difficult decision, but clear the clutter and focus your business energy on what will be ‘hot’ in the coming quarters.

Dust off Your Vision

Given how much the markets have changed, evaluate whether your vision still matches your company’s strategic goals.

Hire Some Help

If you’re committed to a thorough cleaning, you may want to call in expert with the right tools help to make sure nothing is overlooked. The experts in business will help you tackle the core challenges, give support and guide you to a faster solution. Accountants, marketers and even a great business coach will cut through the clutter.

Sharpen Your skills

In this ‘New Economy’ it is imperative that Spring may also be a good time for you as a leader or employee to review and sharpen your skills or learn new ones to improve work efficiency to last the rest of the year.

A Once Over

Spring is traditionally about spring cleaning – give the office a once over. Get rid of the clutter, clear the desks, clean out the storage room and get into the nooks and crannies. The old files hanging around  can be moved stored or binned. And what about some new paint, or blinds, or even some new furniture?

Spring e-Clean

Consider some spring e-cleaning and ensure you are protected. Clean out your computer in-box. Delete unused, old e-files. Back up your system or sign up for a monthly backup service if you do not have one. Run updates, maintenance processes, and virus scans on your computer and commit to doing it on a regular basis going forward.

Plan Ahead

The perfect time to get ahead of the game. Make a list of projects you would like to get done in the next six months or before the end of the year. Write them down. Prioritize them. List them on the white board. I read that President Obama’s political strategy is to “have a long-term strategy and goal in mind, and then work backwards from there.” (And say what you will, but anyone who gets elected President knows a thing or two about politics.) That sounds like a pretty good business strategy too.

Planning ahead can also involve planning for some fun this summer. Build in some time off, and while you are at it, consider some fun things you could do with your clients and/or employees, or some ways to provide additional products and/or services to meet their needs.

Try Something New:

For many businesses, summer is a slower season. As such, it is a perfect time to try out new ideas that you don’t have time for during busier times. New products, new services, new partnerships for instance, what about making a commitment to experiment with social networking a few hours a week for a few months? Set up a Twitter account and begin to tweet, or create a Facebook fan page.

Many of my clients have participated in my popular business Spotlight Programmes  in particular my Infinite Business Commercial Make Over – “Show Me the Money”.

This Business Make Over is a great, cost-effective way to dramatically improve the financial and sales performance of your business.  In this programme I help you to establish where you are now and where you want to be, allowing you to benchmark your business performance and create a platform for financial change. Then, once we have set some sales targets together, I provide key insight and practical advice on how you can attain the profit goals you want to achieve.

Heck, even the most powerful of people across the globe need to take a step back from their business to reflect and to reconnect. Don’t take my word for it, many of my clients have already kicked off 2012 by reigniting their passion in their life, careers and business – click here to find out what my Personal Life and Business Coaching clients achieved already.

What are you waiting for!!! Call today to get started on 07725 052 349. I’ve got openings for some new Personal Life & Business clients at the start of the year and I’d love to fill my schedule and work with you to make this spring easier, more productive and more profitable than ever! If it’s time for a personal coach, contact me! Let’s talk and if it makes sense, let’s get started!

Here’s to making 2012 hugely successful, fascinating and fantastic.

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