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Commercial Leadership Programme

Turning Your Business Ideas into Commercial Reality

“Only Course, specifically designed to focus on growing profitability in your business”

We have successfully delivered the following Commercial Leadership Programme to hundreds for entrepreneurs, directors and leaders of small and medium sized enterprises. We provide you with the real tools to accelerate growth throughout your business. Large or small, we will show you how to get immediate results by focusing on core principles time-tested to make a big difference… Quickly!

“Commercial Leadership Programme is a unique business coaching programme which empowers business owners to implement strategies for rapid business growth and increase profitability”

Successful business owners are constantly educating themselves and finding new, proven strategies and who don’t just survive, but thrive and grow more competitively. You will receive an outstanding one to one learning experience, with proven strategies you can apply right now to grow your business faster.

You’ll build Clarity, Enerigised and Excited at Each Session

At every Coach session, you’ll get to strategise about what’s most challenging you in your business right now and you’ll also come away with prioritised, concrete action steps, new tools and capabilities, and a plan for the next to delegate and share with your team. New ideas will leave you energised and excited, but it’s the clarity about the action steps—and having them written down—that gets things done.

From helping you create business and marketing plans to implementing specific strategies, our in-depth one-on-one coaching sessions allow you to work directly with an Entrepreneur and Business Coach to understand your business and create a solid commercial strategy to increase profits which will drive the performance of your business.

  • Vision & Clarity – You’ll uncover your vision for the future and set the goals you really want. When your goals are based on the things you value most, they are naturally more motivating.
  • Sales & Finance – You’ll quickly improve your bottom line by boosting profitability, adding more value to your customers and focusing on productivity.
  • Growth through Innovation - Keeping your business fresh and attractive to your marketplace means investing in innovation – it’s vital to growth. This might be through developing new products and services, streamlining processes or branching into new markets.
  • Master Your Marketing – Mastering the art of marketing is critical for your business survival and growth. I will assist you in developing Marketing as a commercial process that involves promoting, selling and distributing a product or service. We will creates value for your customers, communicate the key features and benefits of your product and service. We will do what sets you apart, communicating how your product provides value to your customer, which in turn will increase profits.
  • Own your Market Position – The programme will help identify uniqueness in your business and determine your market position relative to competitors. This will assist you with differentiation tactics.
  • Perfect Business Systems – We’ll help you put in place the tools and mechanisms that will free up more of your time for business development or time with your family.
  • Own Your Time - You’ll learn how to be far more effective, efficient and productive in everything you do.
  • Networking & Partnerships – We’ll be your guide in the world of business networking and reveal its importance to you.
  • Building Your ‘A’ Team - You’ll learn the key steps to successful recruiting, delegation and out-sourcing.
  • Break Through Entrepreneurial Fear - Before implementing strategies to grow your business it’s important to unearth and tackle any current or potential obstacles that might be getting in the way of achieving success. When taking the next big step there will always be doubt which can lead to self sabotaging beliefs and behaviour. At the back of your mind the constant internal dialogue can leave you frozen with fear. Through working together we will uncover any negative internal dialogue and prepare the way to overcome obstacles to success.
  • Become a powerful leader - A great leader can make a business thrive. But having a whole team of great leaders could propel your business into rapid growth.
  • Extreme Self-Care – We’ll guide you through the importance of self-care.

Give your business the extreme competitive advantage. This coaching package is for business owners who want to make their business Profitable at a faster pace.

Email or call Ann on 07725052349 and start today to reach your business’s full potential.

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